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Baker’s Lame


I hate seeing woods go to waste and so these baker’s lames are made from a variety of exotic and special woods collected in offcuts from the workshop over the past few years. Used to score bread before baking the word Lame comes from the French word for blade.

There are a variety of woods* here however as they are all exotic or there are more of some than others and once one goes out of stock it will not be refilled until such time as more offcuts are accrued. The woods as in the image above from left to right are:

  • French Walnut
• Yew
• White Oak • Lacewood
• Fumed Oak
• Ripple Maple
• Brown Oak

Each Baker’s Lame comes with 5 replaceable Wilkinson Sword razor blades.

*It should be noted as there are more than one of each wood there might be slight variations of colour and or grain patterning in each individual piece.

IMPORTANT: This tool is extremely sharp and should only be used by adults for the purposes of scoring bread.

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